Friday, 19 May 2017

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English (Kickoff Match)

WWE Backlash 2017 Results: Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English (Kickoff Match).
The Perfect 10 is looking for three in a row this Sunday, as Tye Dillinger battles Aiden English at WWE Backlash Kickoff, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network and on a free stream on, the WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, presented by Mountain Dew Kickstart.

Fighting isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. And Aiden English is an artist. Actually, make that “Artiste,” a gentleman purveyor of the manly arts, including song, theater and, most prominently, combat.

English can be seen debonairly devastating opponents with all the power his wry, muscled frame will allow. English brings panache, as well, wrecking his foes with all the brutishness of a bygone era. And when he's done, "The Artiste" will dazzle the WWE Universe with a song, showing off pipes worthy of The Great White Way.

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English (Kickoff Match)

After running afoul of The Drama King on SmackDown LIVE, Dillinger has doubled down in victories against the artistically-inclined Superstar, the most recent having left such a lasting impact on English that he broke down in tears in the middle of the ring.

Following Renee Young's announcement that the two would meet again at WWE Backlash Kickoff, The beloved Perfect 10 will clearly look to ride his wave of momentum to a third win, while The Artiste, still brooding (as all artists do) following his losses, will look to bring the curtain down on Dillinger’s fairytale story.


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